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Masterclass Senior Management

October 24, 2017

Masterclass Senior Management
Insurance Manager – Bank Manager – Pension Manager

 The financial sector and financial markets are developing at an unprecedented pace as it faces a multitude of new challenges. The world at large expects you to take the lead and make the right and responsible decisions. But how can you do this in an everchanging world that where you are expected to be increasingly competent and in control?

Performance studies, risk management and ALM models may provide handholds for the longer term, but we recognize that in these turbulent days a financial institution is particularly volatile due to short and medium-term forces, constantly changing economic developments, unexpected market fluctuations, a political climate as changeable as the weather, demanding supervisors and impatient (and sometimes uncompromising) interest groups.

Therefore, together with Oxyor and KraBé Academy we have designed a unique one-day masterclass for the three main industries in finance where we can put theory into practice by using real-life business simulation games:

  1. Insurance asset and liability management
  2. Bank asset and liability management
  3. Pension Fund financial management

Content Masterclass
We will run a combination of interactive executive workshops in the mornings and simulations in the afternoons. And ending the day with questions and answers, discussions, debriefs and review of the industry with a special focus on the financial markets in the Antilles, Colombia, Venezuela, Central America and the US.