Event history

To get a taste of what we do, take a look at the events recently carried out by our Institute.

Events in 2017

  • april 2017: Lezing “Het Trump Effect en meer…”

Events in 2016

Events in 2015




Events in 2014

  • March 2014: AML/CFT with Mrs. Saskia Rietbroek
  • June 2014: IFRS Update by the NBA

Events in 2013

  • February 2013: Governance, Fraude & Ethiek by the NBA
  • April 2013: Zakelijke Kredietverlening by Mr. Peter Raven of NIBE-SVV
  • June 2013: IFRS Update by the NBA
  • September 2013: Pensioen Fundamentals by Mrs. Lennie Schwirtz
  • October 2013: Financiele Rekenkunde by Mr. Jan Wesseling

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FinancieleRekenkunde2013 (640x454)

Events in 2012

  • February 2012: Pensioen Fundamentals by Mrs. Lennie Schwirtz
  • March 2012: IFRS Update/NL GAAP by Mr. Henk Langendijk of the NBA/NIVRA
  • April 2012: Documentherkenning & Onderkennen Falsificaten
  • June 2012: Verdiepingscursus Pensioenen by Mrs. Lennie Schwirtz
  • November 2012: AML/CFT by Mr. Gert Demmink of Philip Sydney

Events in 2011

  • January/February 2011: Training Hypotheken by Mr. Peter Raven of NIBE-SVV (This course was repeated in the summer of 2011)
  • May 2011:  AML/CDD by Mr. Guus de Ruiter of NIBE-SVV
  • August 2011: Training Hypotheken (Peter Raven)
  • November 2011: AML/CFT by Mr. Gert Demmink of Philip Syndney (the Netherlands)

Events in 2010

  • May 11th-May 20th, 2010: Workshop on Anti Money Laundering and Combatting Financial Terrorism, brought by the IFEA in close collaboration with the Central Bank of Aruba and conducted by the Dutch Compliance Institute
  • August 24th 2010-April 2011: Assurantie B-course provided by SVVNA Curacao
  • September 27th-October 1st 2010: Training Hypotheken conducted by Mr. Peter Raven and Mr. Hans van Dijk of NIBE-SVV, the Netherlands


Photo: Training Hypotheken/Woningfinanciering 2010/2011